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  • The articles in are the and aan, and in certain contexts some. The second sentence in effect states, take any lion you like from the class of all lions, and what you say about it will be true of all other lions. Usage refers to the conventional ways in which words or phrases are used, spoken, or written. Many languages do not use articles at all, and may use other ways of indicating old versus new. Example of the use of he as an indefinite article is.
  • Specifying information associated with each item of a grouping. Is it The Millers, The Millers', or The Miller's? This book discusses how to use examples effectively for specifying what behavior to build. Ther than try to come up with exhaustive examples of a system. This page identifies the article adjective and gives examples about their usage and rules.
  • For example:The cat living on my street is in my house. We're not the New York Public Library. Articles in English are very important, as we use them all the time. E three articles in English are a.
  • For many people, however, the views and aims of the 17th-18c fixers of the language continue to hold true: they consider that there ought to be a single authority capable of providing authoritative guidance about 'good' and 'bad' usage. In English grammar, zero article is an occasion in speech or writing where a noun or noun phrase is not. The following examples, zero articles are indicated by. A great way to learn vocabulary words is to see them in context. E Usage Example Browser allows you to browse thousands of sentences.
article usage examples

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